Machu Picchu: Stairways To Heaven

I was sceptical before I came here. Despite being a tourist myself, I don’t like sights that are too crowed with tourists. So when I passed the ticket gates on that Wednesday morning, I did not follow the main path where everybody else went. I gave it a shot and went left, following a smaller track up the hill leading to the “Inka Bridge”. After 100 or 200 meters of irregular, steep stairs suddenly the jungle opened up. The terrace I was standing on offered one of the most amazing views I ever had. There it was: The village in the clouds. The sacred city of the Incas. There was Machu Picchu.

From that moment on I was so overwhelmed that I did not really notice the other tourists for the next six hours that I spent up there. This place is definitely one of the most fascinating sights I have ever visited. Machu Picchu is most stunning when you permanently keep in mind that it was built at 3.400 meters above sea level, on an extremely steep mountain in the jungle, without iron tools, without wheels, 600 years ago. It is unbelievable how patiently and constantly the Incas worked on the rocks to build this up. And how they must have been free from giddiness. Unlike me.

Machu Picchu truly is magic.

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